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Red Sox Spring Training Locations

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What are the last three locations that the Boston Red Sox have conducted their spring training?

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The Boston Red Sox currently conduct spring training in Fort Myers, Florida where they have been since 1993. Prior to that, the Red Sox held spring training in Winter Haven, Florida (1966-1992), and Scottsdale, Arizona (1959-1965).

Other locations prior to Scottsdale include: Charlottesville, VA (1901); Augusta, GA (1902); Macon, GA (1903-1906); Little Rock, AK (1907-1908); Hot Springs, AK (1909-1910, 1912-1918, 1920-1923); Redound Beach, CA (1911); Tampa, FL (1919); San Antonio, TX (1924); New Orleans, LA (1925-1927); Bridgetown, FL (1928-1929); Pentacle, FL (1930-1931); Savannah, GA (1932); Sarasota, FL (1933-1942, 1946-1958); Medford, MA (1943-1944); and Atlantic City, NJ (1945).