Best Single Season Record for Major Sports

Trivia Question

What team owns the best regular season record for the four major North American sports (baseball, basketball, hockey, and football)?

Trivia Question Answer



The teams with the best regular season records were:

  • Baseball – The 1906 Chicago Cubs (116-36) who went on to lose the 1906 World Series to the Chicago White Sox
  • Basketball – The 1995/1996 Chicago Bulls (72-10) who went on to beat the Seattle SuperSonics in the NBA Finals
  • Football – The 2007 New England Patriots (16-0) who went on to lose Super Bowl XLII to the New York Giants and the 1972 Miami Dolphins (14-0) who went on to defeat the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII.
  • Hockey
    • On Win/Loss – The 1995/1996 Detroit Red Wings (62-13-7 or 131 points) who lost the Western Conference Finals to the Colorado Avalanche
    • On Points – The 1976/1977 Montreal Canadians (132 points, 60-8-12) who defeated the Boston Bruins to win the Stanley Cup

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