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Goalie Shoots & Scores

Picture of a Hockey PuckTrivia Question

Who was the first NHL goalie to shoot and score a goal?

Trivia Question Answer

In a December 8, 1987 game against the Boston Bruins, Philadelphia’s goalie Ron Hextall, took a shot with 1:12 left in the game after Boston, who trailed 4-2, had pulled their goalie. The shot traveled the distance of the rink and went in making Hextall the first NHL goalie to shoot and score a goal.

Technically Billy Smith of the New York Islanders is credited with a goal in a November 28, 1979 game against the Colorado Rockies but Smith did not actually shoot the puck. In that game Rob Ramage of the Colorado Rockies put the puck into the Rockies empty net. Smith was the last Islander to have touched the puck and by NHL rules was given credit for the goal.