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Longest NCAA Division I Basketball Winning Streak

Picture of a BasketballTrivia Question

What is the longest NCAA Division I basketball winning streak?

Trivia Question Answer

The longest NCAA Division I basketball winning streak goes to University of Connecticut women’s basketball team who amassed an 80 game winning streak from the beginning of the 2008 season ending with a loss to Stanford on December 30, 2010. For men’s NCAA Division I basketball the longest winning streak is 88 games set from 1971 to 1974 by the UCLA men’s basketball team.

Super Bowl First Points

Picture of a FootballTrivia Question

Who scored the first points in Super Bowl history?

Trivia Question Answer

The first points scored in a Super Bowl came in the 1st quarter of Super Bowl I. They were scored by reserve receiver Max McGee on a 37 yard touchdown pass from Bart Starr.

Super Bowl MVP Wide Receivers

Picture of a FootballTrivia Question

Quarterbacks typically win the Super Bowl’s MVP award. Wide receivers do, however, occasionally win the Super Bowl MVP award. Through the 2015 Super Bowl 6 wide receivers have been the MVP of the Super Bowl. Name those 6 Super Bowl MVP wide receivers.

Trivia Question Answer

The six wide receivers to be named Super Bowl MVP are:

  1. 1976 (Super Bowl X): Lynn Swann of the Pittsburgh Steelers
  2. 1977 (Super Bowl XI): Fred Biletnikoff of the Oakland Raiders
  3. 1989 (Super Bowl XXIII): Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers
  4. 2005 (Super Bowl XXXIX): Deion Branch of the New England Patriots
  5. 2006 (Super Bowl XL): Hines Ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers
  6. 2009 (Super Bowl XLIII): Santonio Holmes of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Winningest Division 1 College Hockey Coach

Picture of a Hockey PuckTrivia Question

What Division 1 college hockey coach holds the record for the most wins?

Trivia Question Answer

Jerry York, currently the coach of the Boston College (BC) men’s hockey team, has the most wins of any Division 1 college hockey coach. As of this writing he has 999 wins (York is still an active coach). Number two on the list is Ron Mason’s with 924 wins. Mason retired in 2002

Alabama First Football National Championship

Picture of a FootballTrivia Question

When was the first time that Alabama won an NCAA football national championship?

Trivia Question Answer

The Alabama Crimson Tide football team won their first national championship in 1925. The College Football Researchers Association (CFRA), the Helms Athletic Foundation (HAF), National Championship Foundation (NCF) all selected Alabama as the national champion for the 1925 season.

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Most Seasons in the NBA

Trivia Question

What basketball player played the most seasons in the NBA?

Trivia Question Answer

Two players are tied with the most seasons played in the NBA :

  1. Robert Parish with 21 seasons played with Golden State, Boston, Charlotte, and Chicago (1976/77 – 1996/97)
  2. Kevin Willis with 21 seasons played with Atlanta, Miami, Golden State, Houston, Toronto, Denver, Houston, San Antonio, Atlanta, and Dallas (1984/85 – 2006/07)

Right behind them with 20 seasonsa are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kevin Garnett, and Kobe Bryant (who is still active as of the 2015/16 season).