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First to Win NBA Championship 3 or More Times in a Row

Picture of a BasketballTrivia Question

What NBA team was the first to win the NBA finals 3 or more years in a row?

Trivia Question Answer

The Minneapolis Lakers (now the LA Lakers) were the first to win 3 or more NBA championships in a row. They did it in 1951/52, 1952/53, and 1953/54. Of course, the kings of winning multiple NBA championships in a row are the Boston Celtics. They won 8 in a row starting with the 1958/59 season and ending with the 1965/66 season.

Lowest Single Season WHIP

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WHIP stands for walks and hits per inning pitched. It is a simple calculation where the number of walks and hits given up by a pitcher are divided by the number of innings that they have pitched. It is a measure of a pitcher’s effectiveness at keeping runners off base. What major league pitcher holds the record for the lowest single season WHIP?

Trivia Question Answer

In 2000 Pedro Martínez, who at the time was with the Boston Red Sox, set the record for the lowest single season WHIP with a WHIP of 0.7373 (128 hits and 32 walks over 217 innings).