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3B, HR and RBI Same Season Leader

Picture of a BaseballTrivia Question

Who is the only player in major league history to lead the league in triples, home runs and RBIs in the same year?

Trivia Question Answer

Jim Rice of the Boston Red Sox lead the league in triples (15), home runs (46), and RBIs (139) in 1978 becoming the only player to do so. That same year he also lead the league in extra-base hits, total bases, slugging percentage, and OPS (on-base + slugging).

When was the UFC founded?

Trivia Question

When was the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) founded?

Trivia Question Answer

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was founded in November of 1993.

First NCAA Lacrosse Championships

Trivia Question

What schools had the first NCAA lacrosse championships for both men and women across all NCAA divisions?

Trivia Question Answer

The first NCAA lacrosse championships were as follows:

  • Men
    • NCAA Division I: 1971 – Cornell
    • NCAA Division II: 1974 – Towson
    • NCAA Division III: 1980 – Hobart
  • Women
    • NCAA Division I: 1982 – Massachusetts
    • NCAA Division II: 2001 – C.W. Post
    • NCAA Division III: 1985 – TCNJ