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First Marblehead-to-Halifax Ocean Race

Picture of a Sail BoatTrivia Question

When was the first Marblehead-to-Halifax Ocean Race held?

Trivia Question Answer

The Marblehead-to-Halifax Ocean Race is a biennial (every other year) sailing race from Marblehead, MA to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The race is hosted by the Boston Yacht Club and the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron. The race is a World Sailing (formerly ISAF) Category 2 event.

The first Marblehead-to-Halifax Ocean Race was held in 1905.

When was the UFC founded?

Trivia Question

When was the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) founded?

Trivia Question Answer

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was founded in November of 1993.

First NCAA Lacrosse Championships

Trivia Question

What schools had the first NCAA lacrosse championships for both men and women across all NCAA divisions?

Trivia Question Answer

The first NCAA lacrosse championships were as follows:

  • Men
    • NCAA Division I: 1971 – Cornell
    • NCAA Division II: 1974 – Towson
    • NCAA Division III: 1980 – Hobart
  • Women
    • NCAA Division I: 1982 – Massachusetts
    • NCAA Division II: 2001 – C.W. Post
    • NCAA Division III: 1985 – TCNJ

Picture of a Race CarTrivia Question

What driver has the most career victories in NASCAR Cup Series competition?

Trivia Question Answer

Richard Petty, with a combined total of 200 victories, has the most career victories in NASCAR Cup Series competition. These victories break down as:

  • Strictly Stock (1949), Grand National (1950-1970): 119
  • Winston Cup (1971-2003): 81

First Sub-Four Minute Mile

Sneaker Foot PrintTrivia Question

Who was the first runner to run a mile in under four minutes?

Trivia Question Answer

On May 6, 1954 with a time of 3:59.4 Roger Bannister of the UK became the first runner to break the four-minute mile barrier.

Participants in First Boston Marathon

Sneaker Foot PrintTrivia Question

How many people finished the first Boston Marathon in 1897?

Trivia Question Answer

15 people started the first Boston Marathon in 1897. Of that fifteen, ten finished the the race. The winner was John J. McDermott with a time of 2:55:10. That first race covered a distance of 25.4 miles and started from Metcalf’s Hill in Ashland, MA.  The start of the Marathon was moved from Metcalf’s Hill to Hopkinton, MA in 1924 and at the same time the distance was extended to 26 miles, 385 yards to conform to the Olympic standard.

Arnold Palmer First PGA Tour Vistory

Golfer IconTrivia Question

When was Arnold Palmer’s first PGA Tour victory?

Trivia Question Answer

Arnold Palmer’s first PGA Tour victory, the first of 62, came in 1955 when he won the Canadian Open.

Tiger Woods 1st PGA Championship

Golfer IconTrivia Question

When and where did Tiger Woods win his first PGA Championship?

Trivia Question Answer

Tiger Woods won his first PGA Championship at the Medinah Country Club, Course No. 3 in Medinah, IL in 1999 with an 11 under par 277.

Rugby in the Olympics

Trivia Question

When was Rugby first in the Olympics?

Trivia Question Answer

Rugby Union (15 players per team) has been in the Olympics four times in 1900 (Paris), 1908 (London), 1920 (Antwerp) and 1924 (Paris). Rugby sevens (7 players per team) has been in the Olympics once in 2016 (Rio de Janeiro).

Golf in the Olympics

Golfer IconTrivia Question

When has golf been an Olympic sport?

Trivia Question Answer

Golf has to date been in the Olympics three times:

  1. 1900 in Paris
  2. 1904 in St. Louis
  3. 2016 in Rio de Janeiro