Famous Nickname – The Wizard

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What major league player went by the nickname “The Wizard”?

Trivia Question Answer

Ozzie Smith, who played with the San Diego Padres (1978–1981) and the St. Louis Cardinals (1982–1996), was known as “The Wizard”, and as you might also expect, “The Wizard of Oz”.

Cleveland Indians by Any Other Name

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What names did the Cleveland Indians go by before they became the Indians?

Trivia Question Answer

“Indians” is the 4th name by which the team has been known since their establishment as a major league franchise in 1901. Over the years, the American League major league team in Cleveland has been known as:

  • 1915 on: Cleveland Indians
  • 1905 – 1914: Cleveland Naps
  • 1902 – 1904: Cleveland Broncos
  • 1902: Cleveland Bluebirds

Prior to 1901, since their origination in 1894 as a minor league team in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the team was known as the Grand Rapids Rustlers (1894–1899) and the Cleveland Lake Shores (1900).

MLB Pitcher With the Most Consecutive Scoreless Innings

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What major league pitcher or pitchers hold the record for the most consecutive scoreless innings?

Trivia Question Answer

In 1988, Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Oral Hershiser pitched 59 consecutive scoreless innings breaking the record of 58 2/3 innings set by Dodgers pitcher Don Drysdale’s in 1968.

Mentioned in Song Centerfield

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In John Fogerty’s 1985 song Centerfield, 3 baseball players are named by name. Who are they?

Trivia Question Answer

In the 1985 song Centerfield by John Fogerty, Willie Mays, Ty Cobb, and Joe DiMaggio are mentioned by name. The line “it ain’t so” is also a reference to Shoeless Joe Jackson. The saying,”Say it ain’t so, Joe,” was purported to have been said by a child to Joe Jackson as he left the courthouse during the trial concerning the Black Sox scandal.

Well, I spent some time in the Mudville Nine, watchin’ it from the bench;
You know I took some lumps when the Mighty Casey struck out.
So Say Hey Willie, tell Ty Cobb and Joe DiMaggio;
Don’t say “it ain’t so”, you know the time is now.

Oh, put me in, Coach – I’m ready to play today;
Put me in, Coach – I’m ready to play today;
Look at me, I can be centerfield.

First MLB Beacon Award Winners

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Who were the first winners of Major League Baseball’s Beacon Award?

Trivia Question Answer

The Beacon Award was first awarded in 2007, in conjunction with MLB’s first annual preseason Civil Rights Game in Memphis, TN. “The award honors people’s contributions to civil rights and reflects their historical ties to baseball” (Source: MLB). The 2007 winners were:

  • Buck O’Neil (1911-2006), a player (1st baseman for the Negro leagues), manager (Negro leagues), scout (Kansas City Royals), the first black coach in the major leagues (Cubs in 1962), and tireless baseball ambassador
  • Filmmaker Spike Lee
  • Vera Clemente, the widow of Hall of Fame right fielder Roberto Clemente

Most NASCAR Wins in 1 Season

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What Driver has the most wins in a single NASCAR season?

Trivia Question Answer

Richard Petty holds the record for the most wins in a single NASCAR season with 27 in the 1967 season. This was 27 wins out of 48 races that he competed in.

Famous Baseball Quote – “Don’t Look Back”

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Who said: “Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.”

Trivia Question Answer

The quote “Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.” is attributed to baseball great Satchel Paige. This, and other of Paige’s rules, first appeared in the June 13, 1953 issue of Colliers.

First Tour of California

Trivia Question

When was the first Tour of California held?

Trivia Question Answer

The Tour of California is an annual cycling stage race held in May of every year. The race is on the UCI World Tour and USA Cycling Professional Tour. The first Tour of California was held in 2006.

First Year for Each World Marathon Majors Race

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When was each of the individual World Marathon Majors marathon races first run?

Trivia Question Answer

  • 1897 – Boston Marathon
  • 1970 – New York City Marathon
  • 1974 – Berlin Marathon
  • 1977 – Chicago Marathon
  • 1981 – London Marathon
  • 2007 – Tokyo Marathon

Most Consecutive British Open Victories

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Who holds the record for the most consecutive British Open victories?

Trivia Question Answer

With four in a row from 1868 to 1872 (the tournament was not played in 1871), Young Tom Morris holds the record for the most consecutive British Open Victories. He is followed by three golfers who won three in a row:

  • Jamie Anderson, 1877-79
  • Bob Ferguson, 1880-82
  • Peter Thomson, 1954-56