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Rugby in the Olympics

Trivia Question

When was Rugby first in the Olympics?

Trivia Question Answer

Rugby Union (15 players per team) has been in the Olympics four times in 1900 (Paris), 1908 (London), 1920 (Antwerp) and 1924 (Paris). Rugby sevens (7 players per team) has been in the Olympics once in 2016 (Rio de Janeiro).

Golf in the Olympics

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When has golf been an Olympic sport?

Trivia Question Answer

Golf has to date been in the Olympics three times:

  1. 1900 in Paris
  2. 1904 in St. Louis
  3. 2016 in Rio de Janeiro

First Olympics for Beach Volleyball

Trivia Question

In what Olympics did beach volleyball makes its debut?

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Beach volleyball first became a summer Olympic sport in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. In that first year of beach volleyball at the Olympics the United States men and the Brazilian women won the gold medals.

First Olympic Soccer Gold Medals

Picture of a Soccer BallTrivia Question

What were the first countries to win the gold medal for soccer in the Olympics?

Trivia Question Answer

For the men, the first gold medal in soccer was awarded at the Athens Olympics in 1896 to Great Britain. For the women the first gold medal for soccer came much later in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics where the United States won gold.